Red Pomegranates

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Delicious, juicy fruit extremely high in polyphenols, a class of antioxident compounds.

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Harvest starts in October.

Pomegranates grow on a spiny, six-foot shrub, are round, reddish-gold, and about two to five inches in diameter. Their distinctive crown is the fruit's blossom end. Juicy, crunchy kernels inside the pomegranate are held in a cream-colored, bitter membrane that is not edible.

Pomegranate Tips

To remove the seeds: Cut out the blossom end, remove some of the white pith, but do not break the red pulp around the seeds. Score the skin into quarters. Break the pomegranate into halves and then halve again following score lines. Bend back the rind and pull out the seeds. If you do not like seeds, this fruit is not for you unless you use a juice extractor or food processor to extract the juice from the pulp. The juice can be strained to remove any seed sediment.

Pomegranate makes beautiful pink sorbet, icing, salad dressing, soup, and puddings. The juice gives a unique fresh flavor to sauces and marinades for fish, chicken, and beef. Use the seeds to garnish fruit salad, dessert, and appetizers.

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